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  • New to Valencia?

  • Want to make friends?

  • Already tired of loud networking events?

What is Introvert's Social Club?

Introvert's Social Club offers a refreshing alternative to your typical networking event.We provide expats in Valencia a unique way to meet new people through quiet, meaningful conversations and activities.


We organise multiple introvert-friendly events every week, designed so you can socialise without the stress.

  • Small groups

  • Quiet environment

  • Thoughtful conversation

  • Well-moderated


  • Organise hangouts: Want to make plans but don't know who to go with? Whether it's a concert, a hike, or simply grabbing coffee, you can easily find people to hang out with.

  • Tips, advice, inspiration: Chat with other members. Build connections online, then take it offline!

  • News and announcements: Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from Introvert's Social Club.

Thoughtful Questions App

Designed to spark thought-provoking conversations, our app offers a curated selection of questions to inspire meaningful discussions.Perfect for new encounters or deepening existing relationships.

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